John Hannon Assistance Fund

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The John Hannon Assistance Fund awards scholarships annually to youth who have lost a parent or influential family member and have shown a strong desire to positively influence others using the unbelievable strength attained through their life experience.

All scholarships are granted through an application process, chosen by the Hannon Family and overseen by the Jason Ackerman Foundation Scholarship Committee. A qualified assembly of educators and business professionals with the goal of distributing funding to applicants with the greatest financial need and the greatest desire to be a positive influence in our community.

Applications will be available March 2014. Scholarships to be awarded June 2014.

Funds will be distributed June 2014 directly to community colleges, four-year universities and vocational training schools with-in the state of Florida.

Scholarships are renewable each year with funds being given directly to the awarded student’s program of choice.


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